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Simplify your hiring process with Fairsight's assessment platform. With ease, you can screen candidates, conduct interviews, and identify the perfect candidates, all from one place.

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All in one platform tailored to fit your needs and workflow

Volume hiring

Fairsight's solution combines user-friendliness for both recruiters and candidates, with automated, high-quality feedback ensuring a positive candidate experience. Designed for ease of use, our platform efficiently manages large candidate volumes, enhancing the recruitment process for all users.

Graduate recruitment

Revolutionize graduate recruitment with Fairsight’s intuitive ranking and One-Pager candidate detail view ensuring easy access to the most important information. Utilize our behavioral competency framework to align graduates' potential with your organization's needs, ensuring a perfect fit for the future.

Uncover hidden talent

Fairsight's advanced assessments combined with our real-time bias tracking tool, The Equalizer, uncover hidden talent in your candidate pool. This approach ensures a fair, objective process, revealing high-potential candidates who might otherwise be overlooked. Never miss out on talent again.

Leadership insights

Fairsight's assessment tools are designed to identify and refine leadership potential. Evaluate capabilities and uncover blind spots to cultivate leaders who align with your organization's vision and values, strengthening your team for the future, but also enabling you to spot toxic leaders before it's too late.

Agency recruitment

Fairsight revolutionizes agency recruitment by facilitating seamless collaboration and sharing of final candidate insights with clients. Our platform simplifies the reporting of assessment results, making it effortless to communicate key findings and streamline decision-making. Say goodbye to manually creating ppt's to report results.

Professionals and other hires

Fairsight's platform and tools cater to all your diverse hiring needs. By leveraging our behavioral competency framework to create tailored profiles, Fairsight ensures that candidates match your organization's unique demands, enhancing the effectiveness and precision of your hiring process.

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How it works

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Save time with easy setup

With our easy setup you can tailor the process to fit your needs and workflow. Select the assessment tools that align with your requirements and combine them with our behavioral competency framework, ensuring you measure what truly matters.

Easily add candidates to your process and keep track of their real-time progress. We prioritize easy access to assessments and provide high-quality feedback, ultimately enhancing the recruitment experience for all involved.

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Simplified hiring decision with next level reporting

Navigating complex data can be a challenge, but not with Fairsight. We provide easy-to-understand reports that give you the information you need to make the correct hiring decisions, all on one page.

Our commitment to high-quality feedback and detailed reports gives you great insight into each candidate's potential and fit for the job role. Candidates also receive a detailed summary of their results after completion, ensuring that they are valued for the time they spend on assessments, while maintaining a transparent process.

Easily compare results to make confident hiring decisions, and share them with colleagues or clients with just a few clicks.

The Equalize, real-time bias tracking, charts

Real-time bias tracking

We show you where DEI efforts are succeeding or failing. Process by process. By showing the consequences of your actions, we can set you on the right course. Our Equalizer feature isn't just making waves, it's setting the standard in the battle against hiring bias.

This tool provides real-time bias tracking, ensuring that every step of the hiring process is guided by fairness and objectivity. It's not just about spotting bias, it's about actively challenging it to create a truly equitable hiring environment.

Platform screens, shortlist, star rating, final phase, make a hire

Avoid chaos – get organized!

Easily keep track and organize your process as you move the candidates through the recruitment funnel. Create shortlists, rate candidates, and easily compare results to pinpoint the perfect candidate.

Decide on the best candidates for the job and make the hire to maintain the integrity of your data. When the time is right, close the process to ensure that your process overview and dashboards remain up-to-date. Discover the workflow that works best for you and your company.

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Fairsight’s assessments

Fairsight Logical

A groundbreaking, fluid reasoning assessment, Fairsight Logical harnesses Modern Test Theory principles to measure abstract reasoning, pattern recognition, and problem-solving skills. Fairsight Logical offers an adaptive, personalized testing experience that intelligently matches the candidate's ability level. This test is engaging and challenging thanks to complex matrix-based tasks, and with the added pause functionality, candidates have the flexibility to manage their time during the 10-minute assessment.

Fairsight Personality

Fairsight Personality, a state-of-the-art personality assessment tool, is grounded in the Big Five personality framework and developed using Item Response Theory (IRT). This adaptive questionnaire dynamically adjusts to the respondent's trait level during the 25-minute test, providing a comprehensive, insightful, and unbiased evaluation. Fairsight Personality makes it easier for you to make informed decisions in your recruitment and personal development processes.

Blind Spots

Painful bad hires costs. Toxic leaders can wreak havoc in an organization. With Fairsight Blind Spots you reduce risk in hiring by uncovering potential blind spots by measuring character traits and behaviors that turn into obstacles during stressful periods. Blind Spots help you identify where you can transform potential hazards into opportunities for growth, fostering a stronger team, and guiding your organization towards success or where you need to pull the brakes.

Interview Module

Double your chances of choosing the right candidate with a structured interview! With our state-of-the-art interview guides and standardized scoring procedures, you are reducing the subjective sources of error and bias. Imagine a world where AI-powered customization meets narrative summaries, all seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly design that’s as intuitive to set up as it is to use.

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Why our customers love Fairsight

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– Fairsight has the potential to be a "game-changer" when it comes to streamlining recruitment processes, while ensuring that all candidates receive a top-notch experience and fair treatment.

Øystein Nyberg Pedersen
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– I love using Fairsight's personality test in Q-Frees recruitment processes. Very good work guys!

Cecilie Hay Wiig
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– You can tell that there's an innovation here that I've never seen before. I learned a lot about myself from just completing the personality assessment.

Sondre Nordberg
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– At Capus we value efficiency and fairness, which is why we decided to partner with Fairsight, enhancing both our speed in talent discovery and the candidate's experience

Bjørn Gjølme